Rise in car sales driven by poor public transport, say experts

Transport Commissioner Rosli Azad Khan said that train services such as LRT, MRT and KTM are only available in the Klang Valley and only for highways. That’s why people choose to buy cars regardless of their price,” he told FMT.

Last month, the Malaysian Automobile Association said 720,658 cars were sold in 2022, a 41.6% increase from 2021. Rosli alleged that the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) is weak in public transport planning, saying that the agency does not address the needs of the public.

“Local governments should be in charge of public transport planning for rural communities in the Klang Valley because they will know what is needed in their area,” he said. “APAD does not have the authority or expertise to conduct individual studies for these areas.”

Wan Agyl Hassan, former head of policy and planning at the Land Public Transport Commission, the predecessor of APAD, said Malaysia’s public transport plan lacked coordination and coordination between different modes of transport.

He pointed out that there are no train stations for MRT, LRT and KTM. Wan Agyl Hassan.
“There is a glaring lack of coordination in connecting MRT and LRT stations to KTM,” he said. “This is due to poor planning and neglecting the needs of the people, such as roads and traffic.”

He called for infrastructure improvements as well as policies and programs to encourage people to use public transport, such as providing car subsidies, the introduction of congestion or road pricing, and encouraging walking and cycling.

Wan Agyl said a simple approach to car ownership would include providing affordable and accessible options and encouraging alternative forms of transportation. “To prevent these problems from reoccurring in the future, a comprehensive plan must be created for public transport, taking into account the needs and interests of all users, including the elderly, disabled and families. and less money,” he said. said.

He said the plan could include dedicated lanes, real-time scheduling information, parking and driving facilities and pedestrian-friendly facilities. He also said that there is a need for the public to be included in the planning process to ensure that everyone’s needs are protected.

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