march no different from cosplay events, says PAS leader

Swords, spears’ march no different from cosplay events, says PAS leader

One of the Terengganu PAS youths denied that the movement of his members carrying weapons and replica shields could cause chaos.

Instead, its leader, Harun Esa, compared the trip to cosplay shows and competitions that are held regularly in the country. Stay connected with the latest news by following the FMT Telegram channel
Defending the group’s Himpunan Pemuda Islam Terengganu (Himpit) event, he said the group dresses according to their theme for the event.

He said that the event is held every year to collect all the machines that the event will display according to the theme of each group. “The question of wearing the military uniform used in ancient times is only part of his subject.

“The event is similar to the ‘cosplay’ show and competition that takes place across the country showing off their favorite superheroes and their weapons,” he said on Facebook. He said that the other other people represented sports players and even horseback during Getting.

Haron says that it was not possible to see the creation of the creature of young people in the area. “Some of them had been preparing for the event for almost a month. Police were also there to help control traffic during the peaceful procession,” he said. Meanwhile, Terengganu police chief Rohaimi Isa said that although the police were informed that he would display a replica weapon.

In a statement, he said that the police will conduct an investigation to find out the mistakes made during the event and take the necessary measures. In a statement by the police that they will call the organizers for an explanation, Harun said that although it seems unreasonable to investigate such a peaceful event, he is ready to speak.

Earlier, PAS Youth leader Ahmad Fadhli Shaari told FMT that he found it “surprising” to see PAS Youth members from Terengganu marching with what looked like swords, spears and shields. The trip took place on Friday in Setiu, Terengganu.

Earlier today, photos of a crowd believed to be members of PAS marching with “weapons” were circulating on social media. A look at the Terengganu PAS Youth Facebook page showed a similar image with the addition of the PAS flag in the background.

“A Scary Hero”

Meanwhile, Terengganu Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah questioned whether PAS is above the law and its members are displaying a “warlike attitude” in public. “Does Pas fight the disease in the state of his president (Abdul Hadi Awang), where he is free to do what he wants? He asked in a statement.

Raja Kamarul also said that such an event is sure to make the public concerned because of its dangerous nature. “What is the purpose behind this display of ‘war preparedness’ in public?”

Apart from Terengganu PH, MCA criticized the “heroic attitude” of PAS members.

MCA deputy president Ti Lian Ker said violent demonstrations have no place in a country that values ​​tolerance, peace and harmony. He also said that such a state of war is an insult to the country’s political culture which values ​​the search for strong consensus.

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