Two dozen dead after Brazil rains cause calamities

Two dozen dead after Brazil rains cause calamities

Heavy rains in the coastal region of southeastern Brazil have caused widespread flooding that has killed at least 24 people and displaced hundreds more, according to media reports citing local authorities on Sunday.

Rescuers continue to search for victims, connecting remote villages and roads, some of which are still closed, are holding crowds of tourists traveling for the festival. Brazilian Carnival. The Sao Paulo state government has confirmed 19 deaths and 566 people were made homeless or displaced after the rains. more than 600mm (23.62in) hit the coast of Brazil’s richest state. Weather forecasts indicate heavy rains will continue in the Sao Paulo coastal region, challenging rescuers and raising the prospect of a high death toll.

The central government has decided to mobilize several ministries to help disaster victims, restore infrastructure and start rehabilitation projects. Sao Paulo state has declared a 180-day state of disaster for six cities after what experts described as an unprecedented weather event.

The port of Santos, the largest in Latin America, was suspended amid strong winds of more than 55 km/h (34.18 mph) and waves of more than one meter on Saturday, according to local media. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said in a press release that he will visit the affected areas today.

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